Abandoned in Afghanistan: SIV and U.S. Government Employee in Oil and Gas

Taliban shot at him at work

Dear Emily,

Hope this email finds you well.

I am happy that finally I found a way for sharing our situation with world. Thank you very much for your assistance.

I am [REDACTED] SIV applicant and a former USG employee with almost 5 years of valuable and faithful service to the government of United States.

From beginning of my mission in an oil and gas delivery project, I was receiving calls and threat letters from Taliban even they attacked me once when I was coming to Kabul [REDACTED] in 2018 in which my driver got injured, but we survived that attack.

I was receiving calls from Taliban although I changed my phone number many times, they were telling me again and again that you are an infidel and delivery of gas and fuel to USG and on behalf of USG is like blood donation to our enemies and you and your family is going to pay for this.

Recently when Kandahar was in war and collapsed to Taliban they first came to my office and attacked me I even have some photos of the incidents as evidence. [see below]

Then I escaped to Kabul and was hoping that United States as a good and valuable ally will evacuate me and will save my life but they betrayed me and left me behind.

My life nowadays is like an imprisoned person who is hiding from Taliban and changing my place everyday, and although I struggle a lot, but they will find me and kill me because I am the blood donor to their enemy and a spy in their opinions.

I am dying and I want to say that world will never forget the betrayal of USA to me and others like me.

They even handed over my all information to Taliban.

Why I should pay and be killed for my service why?

Thank you and please fight for others who are not identified yet because this may be my last email!


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