Abandoned in Afghanistan: TV News Anchor Journalist

Jan Mohammad Momand of SHAMSHAD TV says reporters are in 'serious danger' from Taliban

My “Abandoned in Afghanistan” series is a way to give the public a human view of the people the U.S. left behind when it evacuated on Aug. 30. I discuss at length how much anonymity the subject of the story needs for safety from the Taliban. What you read and see is intended to be made public.


Ms Miller,

I am an Afghan journalist. You are well aware of the situation here in Afghanistan, journalists are being beaten and threatened with death every day. There is no more freedom of speech. Reporting here is as hard as walking on a minefield.

Thousands of Afghan journalists and media workers fled to the United States. But hundreds of journalists who have worked in the media for years and are in serious danger are still at large and could be attacked at any moment.

I hope that our voices will be heard by the responsible agencies and you help us with that and let us be able to leave through the newly started evacuation process.

Jan Mohammad Momand,  News Text editor & anchor at SHAMSHAD TV

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