Abandoned in Afghanistan: USAID Employee

'It is moral obligation for all of the American people not forget their allies in bad days'

My “Abandoned in Afghanistan” series is about the individual people who the U.S. government abandoned to the Taliban. Please share and tell people it’s free to read by clicking on the “share” button and choose the “none” option.


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Dear Ms. Emily, 

Trust you are well. 

I have been working with USAID for 2.6 years faithfully and paid high cost for being USG contributor in a way that Taliban have taken my family members hostage several times and tried to hunt me during working period by implanting IEDs on way home where I was rescued but my brother-in-law was hit and lost his legs.  

In very short, we have been left behind while thousands of ordinary people and shopkeepers who never been at risk and nor helped USG. 

Since Taliban takeover, we ( my wife and son) and I escaped from our home to a neighboring Province by leaving everything behind to reduce risk of hunting and hide ourselves in a basement. 

So, we are experiencing our toughest days our lives with having no proper foods, medicine, cloth and uncertain and dire destiny. This is what we received from USG in lieu of our Faithful services. 

Do we deserve  this? 

Please raise our voice for American people if USG doesn't hear us and ignore us.

It is moral obligation for all of the American people not forget their allies in bad days. 

SIV applicant- former USG Allies. 


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