Direct from India's COVID Hell

America flattened the curve, India hospitals are out of beds

Please forward this to anyone you know anyone who is connected to international aid or public health — whether through churches, government, organizations, etc.

I reached out to a business associate in India, Amit Duggal, to ask how I can help. The short answer is their country needs more staff and capacity in the hospitals because they have too many people with serious cases of COVID and are out of beds. They also need oxygen.

I’ve never met Amit, but I’ve been thinking of him as the news worsens. His email response made me understand for the first time what would have happened in America if we had not been able to “flatten the curve” last year. We were blessed. We never had to use those extra hospitals built on fields and stadiums around the country. What’s happening in India could have happened here. It still could. Read what he wrote about the virus mutations.

I pasted his emails below so you can read them for yourself. For context, he’s responding to me asking what is not penetrating the news here that could help his country.

Hello Emily,

Thank you for remembering us and it is really a very sweet gesture !

Here in New Delhi the situation is really bad. Medical services has crashed and I cant tell you how things are, we have never imagined such situation will happen in now a days world without a war, so much deaths.

However, we are doing fine at the moment with GOD's grace and keeping precautions.

Thank You and I appreciate your concerns.


Hi Emily,

Thanks for your concern. By now I believe whole world including U.S. is aware of India's situation where it is shocking to see people dying without getting treated as there are no beds available in Hospitals and no sufficient oxygen is available which is lifeline in this COVID phase where straight away lungs are getting infected and there is sudden drop of oxygen level in body once the infection spreads in chest.

Those who get beds is due to their relative associated with hospitals or due to their social influence.

I am not sure if you could help but if you want to give it a try then maybe find some influence in India especially in New Delhi or Delhi NCR region who could help in getting beds here for any of us in case of emergency for our family. At the moment they are safe (although my son is COVID positive) but we have kept him under isolation in separate floor but is doing fine.

So in case you can try then this would be a great relief knowing if anyone of us is infected then we can get some beds in this situation, I can share my contact details as well if you are able to find any influence or source in Delhi / NCR region as this way we can save some lives.

Hello Emily,

Yes, I have taken precautions and kept my son isolated. Just to let you know that in India we have Double and Triple Mutant COVID which is different than in other countries. It has equally taking lives of young, middle aged and older once as well, no one is safe. Even patients under treatments are middle aged and older once are having cardiac arrests while even they were recovering well :(

Today I lost my Mother’s sister and my cousin’s brother is also serious.

By beds I meant someone who could influence admissions in hospitals (in Delhi and NCR areas). I was told by patients who were recovered that even though there are 2-3 beds available in hospitals they are kept reserved for someone which we don't know whom?

If there are influential people or hospital staffs relatives then they are getting beds whereas common people are not getting admissions or even oxygen cylinders due to scarcity of oxygen.

So basically if you could find someone who can influence admissions in hospitals (Delhi and NCR regions) that would be great.

Apart from that if someone could arrange 1-2 oxygen concentrators with extra 2-3 oxygen kits that would be very helpful or 1-2 jumbo oxygen cylinder with 2-3 oxygen kits....any of these will be helpful and can be used to save someone's life and I can also help those who need them most and maybe save some life. So only these things are required in ground to fight fatality.

Thanks You,


This post is open on the website so please share on social media and with friends and family. I’m hoping to find out how we can help. I am praying for Amit and his family and all of India. I hope you will too. God bless.