Guide to U.S. Private Groups for Rescue from Afghanistan

Nazarene Fund, #AfghanEvac, Human Rights Fund, #ProjectExodus

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The mission of the private rescue groups in the U.S. is inspiring and hopeful. But it is also confusing and anxiety provoking for people in Afghanistan desperate to get on “lists.” This guide is an effort to bring transparency and fairness to the system.

The private groups are all different sizes and members. Most are made up of veterans and retired special forces or faith-based and human rights charities. Most individuals are volunteering to do the work. The groups are all funded by donations.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are too many people to rescue and not enough assets and resources. Until the U.S. government makes a deal with the Taliban for air travel and overland routes, the people rescued will be chosen by the groups based on their own criteria and relationships.

I know that people are desperate to escape. But I recommend that you look at several criteria to choose a legitimate group that has the best chance of successful rescue.

  1. You should not pay anything for rescue. The groups are funded by private donations.

  2. No group can promise you will be rescued. Every attempt has many risks and complications.

  3. Watch out for the people you see on TV and social media who are taking credit for rescues. The most successful rescues have been done quietly so that more people can escape from the same method and route.

  4. Thoroughly research means and routes out of the country that your friends have successfully taken. Make sure their circumstances are applicable to your own.

The list (below the photo) is the biggest groups that have gotten people to safety. As I gather more organizations, I will keep adding to this guide.

Nazarene Fund


Summary: Glenn Beck’s charity has raised over $10 million and so far gotten thousands of people out of Afghanistan by plane, mostly from Mazar-e-Sharif. The organization focuses on rescuing persecuted Christians.

Human Rights First, Evacuate Our Allies, Afghan Evac


Evacuate Our Allies (part of Human Rights First):

Afghan Evac (partner with Human Rights First and the private veterans groups and the Biden administration):

Sign up for Rescue:

Use this list to put in information of individuals who are in need of an evacuation out of Kabul. Include as much information as possible. THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE AN EVACUATION.This list will be delivered to US Government for cross referencing of need.

Summary: The Human Rights group is running the collection data for the coalition of private groups that is now known as “Evacuate Our Allies Coalition” — for short #AfghanEvac. You can read more information about this coalition at this link. Members of this coalition include Truman Center for National Policy, Amnesty International, Association of Wartime Allies, International Refugee Assistance Project

Task Force Pineapple:


Sign up for rescue:


Task Force Pineapple is accepting requests for assistance to provide to the operators that are coordinating evacuation efforts in Afghanistan. These efforts are incredibly complex and require a substantial amount of planning. We have received numerous requests and are working closely with our partners in ensuring that all of these requests are vetted and forwarded to the proper channels.


There are many retired special force operators and veterans working in smaller groups around the country. They don’t have websites to take names but work off their own contacts sending emails for individuals. Most of these are coordinated with the #AfghaEvac bigger group now.

The groups now focus on their own lists, which are generally Afghans who they worked with when they were deployed and Americans who have come to them for help.

These groups include: Project Exodus, Task Force Argo, Project Dynamo, Team America, Digital Dunkirk, Afghan Ecac, Task Force McCoy, AD Leatherneck, Transit Initiative, Tarjoman Relief S3i, No One Left Behind, EVAC FFS Airlift, Leatherneck, Rescue from Chaos, Operation 382, Team Hope, Operation Sacred Promise, Rushmore, Transit Initiative.

Read this warning from KAM Air, which are the charter planes that flying from Mazar-e-Sharif airport.


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