In Defense of Piers Morgan from Meghan Markle

Cancel culture takes down TV host for fact checking Oprah interview

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Piers Morgan was cancelled from his successful TV show in Britain because he dared to question Her Royal Highness Meghan Markle for accuracy and motives. For these sins, he is no longer on TV and is being investigated by the British government. The cancel culture which has been chipping away at free speech in America has crossed the pond.

From the moment the “Oprah With Meghan and Harry” show began to air on Sunday night, the only culturally acceptable response from viewers was pity for the suffering of the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk. The overlords of our culture demanded all public tweets, posts and grams proclaim our anger and disgust for the British Royal Family.

Of course the interview was never intended to be journalism, meaning it wasn’t checked for accuracy, sourcing and balance before airing. The show was produced by the CBS entertainment division, not the news division. 

There was the soft lighting, Archie’s own coop for “rescued chickens” and the pregnant duchess in a flowing Armani dress which she reportedly chose for the lotus flower print that symbolizes “rebirth and spiritual enlightenment.” Three of the biggest celebrities in the world greatly entertained the 17 million viewers in the U.S. on Sunday. 

So when Piers Morgan took to the airwaves in the UK the following morning, he did what Oprah would not do. He questioned Meghan’s claims.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she said,” Piers Morgan exclaimed. “I wouldn’t believe it if she read me a weather report.” 

Markle said that negative press and lack of an effective public relations team defense drove her to a dark place when she was living at Kensington Palace. “I just didn’t want to be alive any more. And that was a very clear and real and frightening constant thought,” she said. The duchess said she tried to get mental health treatment by asking a staff member and then the Palace’s HR department but was refused because it “wouldn’t be good for the institution.”

This doesn’t make sense. For one, Meghan’s husband Harry has openly talked to the media about how helpful therapy has been for him as an adult in processing the trauma of his mother Diana’s death. Harry and his older brother William helped fund and publicly support mental health causes. Why would there suddenly be a problem with getting a therapist for Meghan? 

Also, the timing is alarming. Oprah flashed a photo on the TV of Markle at an event in a sequin gown over her large pregnant stomach.

Meghan said that specific night she was gripping her husband’s hands tight because she wanted to kill herself. Oprah doesn’t ask about how Meghan could consider suicide while at least five months pregnant, when her son could live outside the womb. 

Oprah let the royal couple air accusations of racism without any substance, context or proof. Piers Morgan stepped right on that third rail. “I don’t think it’s fair to the Royal Family to not name the supposed racist,” Morgan said.

(Oprah said that neither the Queen nor Prince Philip made the insensitive remark. The Queen released a brief written statement expressing kindness and compassion to her grandchildren and then declaring the matter will be handled privately.)

Markle told Oprah that one member of the Royal Family talked to Harry about how dark skinned their son might be from his maternal grandmother and “what that would mean or look like.” 

Meghan also claimed that her son was denied the “prince” title and his own security detail because he’s part black. Oprah accepted all this completely, even using a dramatic commercial break to make sure it sunk into viewers minds. 

Piers offered his audience a reasonable alternative context. “There are many families in this country who are biracial - where one parents is white, one parents is black. You don’t think those families have honest, sincere discussions about what colors the babies may be? Of course those conversations happen,” he said. 

The public turned against Morgan, and he was shut down within 24 hours of attempting to bring some fairness into this global debate. He wasn’t just cancelled from the high-profile ITV job, the British government regulatory agency Ofcom is investigating him for what he said on air. 

Piers Morgan has been left hanging out to dry for simply questioning the accuracy of an actress who views herself as a real-life Disney princess. He deserves his job back and an end to the government persecution. Others in the British press should come to Morgan’s defense in the interest of a free press. 

On our shores, we are blessed to have the First Amendment guarantee the government cannot infringe on our free speech. However, our “cancel culture” has created its own regulatory agency that is destroying careers and lives of anyone who doesn’t go along with the groupthink and the latest cultural norms. Let’s not fight each other over fairy tales and wealthy celebrities. We are better than that.