Sean Penn: Unvaccinated People Are ‘Pointing a Gun in Somebody’s Face’

Scared Vaccinated Actor Equates COVID vaccine status with Second Amendment supporters

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Hollywood celebrities are not constitutional scholars. Actor Sean Penn helped reinforce that point when he said on CNN Saturday that people who have not gotten a COVID vaccine are somehow the equivalent to Second Amendment rights supporters.

Penn’s illogical legal reasoning is just as stupid as his insistence that unvaccinated people are danger to society and workplace.

“I have some areas of strong belief in the Second Amendment,' Penn told CNN host Michael Smerconish. “But I think that you need to recognize how, you know, with something like this, you can’t go around pointing a gun in somebody’s face — which is what it is when people are unvaccinated.”


Such liberal nonsense.  Where do I start? 

The Second Amendment affirms our God-given right to self defense. So, if I was about to be raped or murdered, I have the right to point a gun in someone’s face to stop him. 

However, the Second Amendment does not protect the right to assault, terrorize or attempt to murder people. (Can you believe I need to explain this?)

That is why there are laws against brandishing a firearm (aka “pointing a gun in somebody’s face.”) If I were to do that for any reason other than self defense, I would get arrested and charged with assault or attempted murder. 

The only way to figure out Penn’s logic here is to assume he wrongly brought up the Second Amendment and really just meant that criminal gun owners doing dangerous things are the same as people who opt to not get one of the COVID vaccines. 

To make this crazy analogy, Penn is also assuming that unvaccinated people are all infected with COVID virus and then in close contact with other unvaccinated people to spread it. 

Of course, the vaccinated also can be infected in breakthrough cases and spread the virus to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, but Penn doesn't get into that science. Or maybe he’s too scared to conceive of his own vulnerability to getting sick.  

Sean Penn’s 67 guns

I was curious about Penn’s reference to having “some areas of strong belief in the Second Amendment.” It seemed we were supposed to know what he meant. I found out why — it’s all in the CNN family. 

CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper bought all of Penn’s 62 guns for $1.4 million last year at a charitable auction for Haiti. (Cooper outbid anti-gun Piers Morgan, which is kinda fun.) 

Why were the guns so expensive? Well Penn had given his total collection of 67 guns to the famous modern artist Jeff Koons, who melted them down and made a sculpture. It’s in the photo below and called “Uli.”

A post shared by @jeffkoons

(I’m curious why Penn gave Koons 67 guns but only 62 made it to “Uli.” Anyone know? Drop it in the comments.)

Penn gave up his gun collection in 2014 at the request of his then-girlfriend, actress Charlize Theron. (She’s still acting in movies with pretend guns like the one below.)

Theron is a anti-gun activist because when she was growing up in South Africa, her abusive and drunk father shot at her and her mother. Theron’s mother shot (and killed) her husband in self defense.  “I lost my father to gun violence,” is how she explains her activism.

Sean Penn is a Scared Vaccinated

The Scared Vaccinated, a term I coined, believe that everyone and everything is a threat. Their fear spurs their anger and efforts to cut out the unvaccinated from business and society. 

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Penn is so scared of the virus that he walked off a movie set because there were unvaccinated people working. The result of his temper tantrum is that a lot of people are no longer working (who likely need that paycheck.) The movie, called “Gaslit”, is about Watergate.

Penn won’t return until 100 percent of cast and crew has gotten a vaccine. He said it’s part of his agenda to get mandatory vaccination in America. 

A post shared by @coreresponse

By doing this, Penn further proved what a waste of time it is to listen to actors preach on politics. He explained why shutting down a production over vaccination mandates is the same as violating a Nanny State traffic law that affects only the driver:

“I do believe that everyone should get vaccinated. I believe it should be mandatory, like turning your headlights on in a car at night.”

Penn seems to consider himself a political thought leader. He said that the people who are  “vax resistant” now are in two camps.

There are those that, once the FDA gives full approval, will go forward with it. And that there are those who have become entrenched in a kind of radical libertarianism and an identity of politic that has sort of perversely turned this issue into something that forgets that in the United States of America, our entire history, it’s all based on being independent because we understand interdependency. The entire history of successful things in this country.”

If you can make sense of what he said above, explain in the comments. Every time I listen to it and try to find a through line, I get more confused. But he continued with his theory: 

“If we're going to continue with successful things, if we're going to take some of the great lessons that have been learned in the last year — some of the extraordinary movements, you know, George Floyd, all of what's happening societally. If we're going to take the good parts of that and move it forward we're going to do it interdependently. And I think vaccination is the beginning of that, given that it's such a threat now to business, to lifestyle, to life here and around the world.

What do George Floyd, COVID vaccines and our lifestyles have in common? I have no idea. Ask Sean Penn. He’s on Twitter.

Movie for vaccinated only

Penn must be rich because he told half the country which is not vaccinated not to come to his new movie, “Flag Day” in the theater.

A post shared by @iamdylanpenn

“I would request that only vaccinated audiences have an opportunity to see this theatrically.”

“Eventually it will stream and that's a better time for the unvaccinated to see it -- though I think I'll probably offend them out of that choice.”

Ya think? I can’t remember I watched Sean Penn in anything, but I’m happy to grant his wish and never spend another buck on his drama — both in movies and in politics.

CNN’s Hollywood joint agenda

CNN host Smerconish wanted to give air time for Penn to share his bizarre political views since they are personal friends. Smerconish said to Penn:

“It’s great to have you hear to talk about these contemporary issues. Rather than know you’re 3,000 miles and texting me during the program and offering me your thoughts.”

The two sat side-by-side on the set — without masks — so they must believe their vaccines work to make them immune to COVID. This further confuses his demands to eliminate the unvaccinated who are like a gun to the face.

The whole CNN interview was clearly planned to gin up an audience of Scared Vaccinated, Hollywood celebrities and gun-control activists. For a challenge, we should try to find an unvaccinated gun owner who hates Hollywood and who gets his or her news from CNN. Is there a unicorn out there?

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