Abandoned in Afghanistan: Military Combat Interpreter

Stories about the American citizens, SIVs and Afghan Allies left behind by the U.S. government #AbandonedinAghanistan

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The people who the U.S. abandoned in Afghanistan are trapped. They are being hunted by an evil group of Taliban that want revenge on Americans and our allies. They have no way to escape the country.

I talk, email and text with people in Afghanistan every day since I got involved on Aug. 28 with this rescue project— at the request of a retired special forces operator who wanted public awareness of the crisis in the country.

As the first month has passed, hopes of wide scale rescue have dwindled. Very few people have escaped. Everyone else is in hiding, but they are running out out of money for safe houses and food is more scarce. If they sleep at all, it’s during the day, so they can stay up and on guard at night when the Taliban go door to door. They are emotionally, physically and spiritually at the end of their ropes.

Many contact me and say they want to be heard. They believe they are being forgotten by the American people. So this is a platform to hear from them. I will keep updating this page.

Everything you read below is intended to be made public. We email or text multiple times to be sure that no one can be identified and endangered. I edit for length and clarity. The bold is mine.

Military Combat Interpreter

Dear madam ,

I am a former combat interpreter. I have photos and videos from my duty with U.S. Army that show I did a good job for them in a very bad situation.  I was injured. I'm sad that no one cares about our sacrifice and that we did  our duty. 

My father was killed by the Taliban. The Taliban have captured my brother,  searched my home many time  in the last weeks.

I have escaped and left my family alone in Kabul. I face many dangers during escape and change my place every day. 

I  have applied for SIV and emailed every organization but no one responded to me. They don't care about our lives and our sacrifices with the Americans. 

So please help me and my family. Thank you.

Note: I sent the interpreter's photos back with the faces blurred to make sure no one was recognizable. He caught that the soldier's ID showed in the second picture above. He replied to me, "Please remove that mark with the name of my American friend." He's still protecting his American friends. I was deeply touched.

TV news anchor journalist

Ms Miller,

I am an Afghan journalist. You are well aware of the situation here in Afghanistan, journalists are being beaten and threatened with death every day. There is no more freedom of speech. Reporting here is as hard as walking on a minefield.

Thousands of Afghan journalists and media workers fled to the United States. But hundreds of journalists who have worked in the media for years and are in serious danger are still at large and could be attacked at any moment.

I hope that our voices will be heard by the responsible agencies and you help us with that and let us be able to leave through the newly started evacuation process.

Jan Mohammad Momand,  News Text editor & anchor at SHAMSHAD TV

Afghan man worked at U.S. Embassy

Dear Ms. Emily Miller,

I am former staff member of the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. I'm left behind and now in Kabul, under serious security threats, and going through the hardest times of my life. 

I used to work as Visa Assistant at the Consular Section. Due to my employment with the US Embassy, I am exposed to a lot of people as I had to interact with hundreds of visa applicants daily at the consular interviewing windows.

I left the Embassy in Dec 2019 and am currently employed by [a United Nations agency]—   unfortunately it does not have an evacuation plan for the local staff members. 

On Aug 24th, during the USG evacuation from the country, I and my wife attempted to get into the airport to be evacuated and escape from the Taliban but unfortunately the Americans did not let us in.

We moved in the crowd, beaten by the Taliban and threatened to be shot, but we managed to reach the Abbey gate, but unfortunately the Americans did not let us in, they were saying that they are only evacuating American citizens and LPRs. I showed them the SIV documents and other evidence, but they did not accept them and turned away. 

I do have an approved SIV application, my case [REDACTED] and the current status is at the interview stage.

I got married recently, and my wife carries an extreme amount of stress due to the threats I'm facing as a consequence of my employment with the USG. 

Looking forward to your kind assistance!

American man in the U.S, wife and baby in Afghanistan

My wife and 10m old child are stranded in Afghanistan. She was unable to make her way to the airport during the evacuation operation.

I spoke with the State Department yesterday and they told me to get a US passport for my child since she's a US citizen according to the law (INA)..how could I get a passport for her when there's no US Embassy anymore :-)

I have contacted DOD and DOS task forces but they’re of no help. I’m in a helpless situation and I’m concerned about their situation.

I’m wondering if you could help or direct me to someone who could.

Thank you,

Christian father:

This man is a legal permanent resident who came to the United States in 2017 through the SIV program. His wife could not come because she was pregnant at that time.

Dear Emily,

I’m in the United States now living in Los Angeles but my wife and four years old daughter along with my siblings and my siblings family members are stuck in Kabul. Since 14 August, I been trying to evacuate my family members who worked along with me in most important organizations of the U.S gov and the U.S. projects/contracts [REDACTED]

These people are in a basement in Kabul with lack of food, water, clean air, health issues, no internet access, many problems, last time when I talked to them was 4 days ago but as of now God knows in what situation are they. 

The  problem is that neighboring countries have closed their border and not letting any Afghan to enter whether with passport nor with Tazkira [Afghan identity card] and the State Department has not processed their SIV/spouse applications as they promised to speed up, I’m in touch with many SIV holders in Afghanistan that their applications are not processed either. 

Since the U.S evacuation is ended, it looks like no hope left, but when I hear about our heroes (Veterans, all those other unrecognized heroes who work privately evacuate), it gives me some hope… otherwise I feel like to die,because how am I as a dad if I at least cannot save his own four year kid.

I remember very well how much we were always admired and appreciated by the US military, but now that the lives of the same helpers are in danger, they are helping others instead, and those who ran to help them have been forgotten, that it is very disappointing. I salute to all the Army soldiers who have not forgotten us and I know they may not be able to do anything at this time.

Our sad and true history which is fading away inside a country where there is only darkness everywhere, which was not our fault and we tried our best to build and establish the society of peace and all those things that an improved country needed. But it looks like someone has failed us. 

I have a letter from Church that certifies those members which are stuck in Kabul are Christians, but I do not want to misuse my religion at the moment. But it is crystal clear that Taliban and insurgents and the Afghan society does not like and they do not appreciate Christianity at all, which is a very concern note at the moment that is why my families wanted me to mention to you.   

Maybe someone will find me by reading this text and help me save my beloved ones from Kabul with complete confidence and security. I know there are friends who want to evacuate privately to help their Afghan allies, so please publish it.


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