Biden Can’t Get Republicans to Take the Trump Vaccine

Liberals are up against the new right-wing resistance

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This is part 2 on the vaccines holdouts. Click to read part 1: My Mask Vaccine Protest


Pres. Joe Biden has lost track of why Pres. Donald Trump drove Operation Warp Speed to produce a safe and effective vaccine in nine months. Trump needed to flatten the curve and then save the lives of the old and vulnerable. Biden wants to control the virus. He is up against a new kind of resistance,  a right-wing resistance.

Lifting the year-long mask mandate was a smart move on the part of the liberals because getting back to normal life, the “Before Times”, is a good reason to get a shot. But is it the truth?

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky claimed on ABC’s “This Week” that, “We now have science that has really just evolved,  even in the last two weeks,  that demonstrates that these vaccines are safe. They are effective.”

That’s a lie. They did not discover the vaccines were effective in the last two weeks. We learned last fall from the third phase of human clinical trials that the vaccines were at least 95 percent effective in preventing coronavirus. We have known since April 1 that the at the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was was 91 percent effective for six months after the second dose. 

So it’s highly unlikely to get COVID after being vaccinated. And even if you are in that small group who still got it, it isn’t serious. You're not going to die of it.

The real reason they got the CDC to drop the mask mandate is to convince more Republicans to get vaccinated. Biden called Gov. Greg Abbott “a neanderthal” for taking off masks in early March, but then he saw COVID cases plummet in the Lone Star State. Conservatives were mocking Biden walking around by himself outside wearing a mask.

It’s fine if he panders to us. But we aren’t stupid. We know we are being manipulated. Just admit it.

The Left’s next swing at getting Republicans to get a shot is telling us it’s part of being a good citizen. Biden said it’s a “patriotic duty,” but he didn’t say why. That’s because there is no scientific rationale. Young, healthy people are not going to be hospitalized from coronavirus. So they can’t claim anymore that this is to flatten the curve and keep hospital beds and ventilators available for the old and sick. On the flip side, the young and healthy are not a problem to anyone else. The vaccinated can’t get it from us.

I want to be clear. I am not saying the vaccines are dangerous or not effective. If I were sick or older, I would have been first in line.

But I’m part of the 20% of the unvaccinated who believe, like it says in this Gallup poll, we “don't think the health effects of getting COVID-19 would be serious.”  Biden calls us “lazy”, but conservatives took the time to think for ourselves.

It's a risk analysis for the young and healthy. We have had all these months to think about it, and now it’s just common sense that we don’t need the shot. 

I am not an anti vaxxer, quite the opposite. I literally wrote the communications strategy for the FDA to get people to trust the vaccines. When I saw the Gallup poll for hesitancy back in September, it was a disaster. (“Hesitancy” is just a term for people who the government believes it can convince to change their minds.) Half of Americans said they would never take the vaccine and it was my job to figure out how make them understand that it would be safe and effective.

At that point in the pandemic, the vaccines were not yet out of clinical trials and the polls showed the public was mostly terrified of side effects. People said they were scared that the government was rushing, which turned out to be the greatest achievement of the Trump administration, Operation Warp Speed.

However, I was hired to convince the doubters — which at that point were women, African Americans and Republicans — that the side effects will not be bad and the vaccines were not rushed unsafely to please Donald Trump. 

But I have not gotten the shot. Biden can call me lazy, but he needs to convince me and the other healthy Republicans that there is a good reason to get vaccinated. His current rationales -- the mask manipulation, not getting COVID, being a patriot -- will not work.  So what will make them roll up their sleeves at CVS? The truth and a good reason. 

If it’s really important to the government to vaccinate all of us, then pony up the cash. Take the Ohio million dollar lottery and put one in each state. Or, I’m a pretty cheap guinea pig, so $50 cash would make me roll up my sleeve. 

The truth is that they are control freaks, and they think that it would decrease the risk of another pandemic if more people have antibodies. Tell us that and then give us a real motivation, like a $100 tax credit for anyone who gets both shots. Tack on a $50 credit for the booster, which we all know is coming in the fall. 

Trump got them to the finish line. Now all the need to do is cross it. 

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