The authoritarian lefties indeed wish to wield the control. However the only person that controls me is myself. My reason to participate in the vax trial was driven more by my desire to mitigate the comorbidities of SARS COV 2 COVID 19 that could make my life more difficult. Besides, being a permanent beneficiary of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, I am for all practical purposes a well paid human research subject in any case. So helping out in the vax trial was a logical choice for me. (100 percent service connected permanent and total disability)

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I had the Chinese virus last month. Wasn't that terrible, although I still have a couple of those "lingering effects": a reoccurring headache and my breathing still isn't 100%.) So I'm not getting The Vax. If I consider it under any normal circumstances, I don't "need" it.

I wouldn't get it anyway. I don't trust it on several levels. The various researchers that say it isn't really safe, for instance. But mostly it's the gut feeling that this all feels very, very suspicious. The dismissal of alternatives like invermectin, that have shown to be effective, but the powers that be claim are dangerous. The constant back and forth about masks and social distancing. And the

attempts to implement the communistic "passports." They all raise the hair on the back of my neck.

And then there's Dr. Fauci, a whole 'nother topic. He keeps lying and when caught, just tries to shuck and jive his way out of it - and the previously-untrustworthy media just go along. I don't like it. Same with his lack of truth regarding NAIAD funding for gain of function.

I'm already in my late 60s, so I figure something's gonna get me sooner or later. But in the meantime, it ain't gonna be Dr. Doom or his manufactured-with-Chinese-help weaponized virus.

And one more thing: who are the people that stand to gain by first having invested in the drug companies that make these vaxxes, and are now trying to coerce us into getting the jab while condemning any alternatives?

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I firmly believe that I had the Wuhan virus in November of 2019. Both of my office ladies also had it, hard to say which of us had it first. We all thought it was just a *really* bad dose of the 'flu, except for the lack of taste. (There are some who might say my lack of taste has been lifelong haha).

I also, like some of the other posters here, have a very solid distrust of Big Pharma. My personal opinion on most things is to ask "cui bono". Who benefits....and once I have that answer I decide from there what to do.

Like you, I'm not that worried about this virus. I maintain and fly WW2 airplanes and ride motorcycles, something will eventually take me out. In the meantime, I propose to enjoy my life and not be terrified of something I have zero control over in any event.

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There's no particularly good reason to avoid getting vaccinated, unless you've had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. I had a mild reaction to the second shot (Moderna). My wife and son had somewhat more severe reactions, but nothing unmanageable. And your insurance covers it 100%.

This is the only viable path to herd immunity. The occupant of the White House is entirely irrelevant.

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