Biden, CDC Vaccine Stat Scam

Wayback machine shows manipulating public into believing unvaccinated for COVID is rare


Pres. Biden wants you to think you’re the only one in America who isn’t vaccinated against COVID. His trick is to use the percentage for people who have gotten one shot instead of both.

He started doing this in speeches and social media. But now the White House has gotten the Centers for Disease (CDC) to change its online database to hide the real numbers.

The White House can get away with manipulating health statistics for political goals. But the CDC, which is supposed to be an independent health agency, is demonstrating questionable ethics.

The CDC website for the COVID vaccines always showed a graph with the number of people who have gotten one shot and then two. But now the website hides the lower number of fully vaccinated.

Below is what the CDC webpage looked like before the change. You can see the real data easily for one dose and fully vaccinated.

Now this is the new version that recently appeared on the CDC website. You only see the bigger number, which is the people who have gotten one shot.

Look below at the current chart to see how the lower stats for full vaccinated are hidden behind a tab you’d have to know to click to see.

That graph (above) appears to show 65% of the population is vaccinated, but the actual number - 56% - is hidden in the “fully vaccinated” tab. There are no instructions on these pages to help guide the public on how to get health information.

White House data for politics

The White House uses whatever data looks better to make political points. Look at this tweet from Biden on Saturday, below, that claims vaccine mandates are a good thing. It mixed the 185 million of fully vaccinated with the 75% who have gotten one shot:

The real stat is that 185 million (sounds like a lot!) fully vaccinated is just 56% of all Americans.

Biden’s other trick is taking out the kids under 12-years-old from the total to make the percentages higher. He cites it in the tweet as 75% of the “eligible" Americans who have gotten one shot. The actual number of total Americans who have gotten one shot is 65%.

It’s somewhat fair to make a percentage of only the adults and teenagers who could get the shot (now), but you can see how mixing the data is done for politics. Saying 185 million has more bang than 66% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

Vaccine Mandates

On the merit of the tweet, the assertion that mandates have led to a big increase in vaccination, is a stretch too.

I went on the wayback machine website to see the CDC data on Sept. 8, the day before Biden announced the vaccine mandates for government and private businesses. Look below:

In this past month, 8 million more people get their first dose, which made the percentage of “eligible” (over 12) go from 73% to 76%.

The Biden mandate vaccine pressure cooker got 10 million to get a second shot in the past month. This made his total for “eligible” Americans who are fully vaccinated go from 62% to 66%. You won’t hear the president bragging on these results because it doesn’t carry any punch.

Biden is trying to prove that when he just started mentioning mandates for federal employees in July, private companies jumped and people immediately ran to get vaccinated. We all know that didn’t happen, but he’s advertising that concept on social media. This is from Facebook:

The manipulated message came with a graph (below) with big columns that allegedly show cause and effect. But the White House must think we all forgot its total hysteria about the Delta variant in July that terrified people into getting vaccinated because it was more contagious.


The president always uses the more convincing numbers in his speeches. But sometimes he switches data to create a false narrative. This is what he said on Oct. 7:

We still had more than a quarter of people in the United States who were eligible for vaccinations but didn’t get the shot. And we know there is no other way to beat the pandemic than to get the vast majority of Americans vaccinated.  It’s as simple as that.

He’s right that 25% of people over 12 years old are unvaccinated. But the “vast majority” of Americans are vaccinated at 66%. By his logic, the current situation would “beat the pandemic.” So what’s the problem?

Well, he admitted last week how he really defines “vast majority” as everybody. After Biden got his third Pfizer booster shot in the fake White House studio, a reporter asked Biden, “How many Americans need to be vaccinated for us to go back to normal?”

I think we get the vast majority — like is going on in so many — some industries and some schools — 96, 97, 98 percent.  I think we’re getting awful close.  But I’m not the scientist. 

Biden is not a scientist, but I defy you to find one who defines “vast majority” as above 96% of anything. Again, it’s manipulation to make people feel left out of what everyone else is doing.

Try as he might, and boy Biden has been trying, he’s just not going to ever get over 75% vaccination in the U.S. The 25% of the public that will not get vaccinated has stayed the same since I started analyzing the polling for the FDA in the summer of 2020. The one-quarter of Americans who will not get vaccinated are solid. Biden just can’t accept it.

(I’m not vaccinated, but it’s out of stubbornness because I don’t need it. I support older people and those with underlying conditions to get vaccinated, even with the dropping effectiveness. It seems to still be keeping the old and the sick from dying of only COVID.)

Kids vaccines

But if the FDA authorizes the vaccines for kids as young as 5-years-old, which the administration wants, that is a way to get his numbers higher. Vax the kids who get COVID and are either asymptomatic or feel like they have a regular cold or flu. This is the government’s plan. I can’t understand the parents who think through this risk benefit and will still vaccinate little kids.

But on a practical level, since schools send kids with COVID home to isolate with their families for 10 days to two weeks, parents might have to get kids vaccinated in order to keep their jobs and family life functional.

I had two friends whose kids had COVID last week. The ten year old in one family has cold-like symptoms for a few days. The 6-year-old in the other family was asymptomatic.

Both of my friends said the hardest part was keeping the siblings apart in the house for so long. I asked them why the pediatricians don’t want the siblings to get COVID at the same time so the family is only disrupted one time. Neither of my friends was given an answer to that question.

I hope the government is not using the long quarantines for kids as leverage to force parents to get little kids vaccinated.

Biden administation vaccine stat scams

In another speech, Biden said “we still have over 70 million Americans who have failed to get a single shot.” There are 340 million people in the U.S. The CDC says 200 million have gotten a single shot. That’s 140 million without a COVID vaccine.

I suppose Biden could be subtracting out the kids under 12-years-old, but it’s not the public’s role to do complicated math to understand the president is telling some version of the truth.

But “over 70 million” is different than the 67 million unvaccinated in the White House Facebook graph I posted above. Which is it? Who knows. No one fact checks Biden on his vaccine soap opera.

The CDC should put back the graph so the actual number that matters, the fully vaccinated, is the first on the public sees.

Biden will not stop cherry picking his numbers to get the public to fall for his universal vaccination goal. At least we can be aware that whatever the president says after “Here's the deal” or “Let’s be clear” is a scam.

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