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FULL VIDEO: Alec Baldwin sheriff interview after 'Rust' shooting

Says the 'prop gun' went off without pulling the trigger

Alec Baldwin was interviewed by sheriff’s detectives right after he shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the “Rust” movie set. Baldwin is read his right and he says, “My only question is — am I being charged with something?” The deputies say no.

Baldwin’s reaction at the end of the interview when he’s told Hutchins died


I got the video above from the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department, which released a massive file of evidence to the media that I’m still digging through and analyzing for you. This video is one hour and 13-minute long and shot from the surveillance camera in the room.

I paid someone $25 to convert the Baldwin interview video to a file format that I could upload so that you can watch it. I want it here on Substack because YouTube could deplatfrom the controversial Baldwin shooting evidence.

If you’re interested, I can have the other witnesses’ interviews with the sheriff’s detectives converted to upload here.* Let me know in the comments.

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Baldwin does not ask for a lawyer, and he is surprisingly talkative. I think the sheriff was strategic in putting two young, female detectives in the room with Baldwin because he clearly feels like he has control.

The female deputies — Det. Alexandria Hancock and Det. Samantha Talamante —expertly let him talk so he gives up details that could incriminate him. Baldwin comes across mostly as arrogant, self-absorbed, uncaring and — most importantly — inconsistent about the shooting.

If you have the time to watch the whole interview, you’ll see it’s fascinating to view a movie star investigated for shooting and killing someone. His behavior is not what you’d expect if you just killed someone. But he’s an actor. He also may be in shock. It’s easier to watch in the Substack app than email, so use this:

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Baldwin is not aware that Hutchins died from her injury until the very end when the deputies tell him. That’s the only time you see him stop performing for the two female detectives ("you two must go bowling together!”) and drop the Hollywood mask.


I’ve been analyzing what he says in the context of the other evidence and witness statements. I’ve also been talking to those close to the investigation and criminal lawyers to give you a full analysis of Baldwin’s claims.

I’ve got 10 pages transcribed and written that I’ll be making a few more calls and then cutting down to send to you in the next couple of days. I wish I had the six months the sheriff’s deputies did to analyze all this evidence!


I got deep into the investigation earlier this month and to organize my reporting, I made a guide for the key people involved and evidence I had gathered from calling the courthouses in New Mexico.

I decided to make my guide into one for you to read so you know what I am working off when I refer to the specifics. I have uploaded all the court documents — search warrants and return & inventory— during the months of the investigation on this page for paid subscribers to read those original sources.


If you’re more of a reader than a viewer, an anonymous pepino transcribed the whole thing at this link on “Balwin Files” on medium. I asked if I could reference it to my readers and was given approval.

*I am not uploading the video released of Hutchins dying on the floor of the movie set because I think it’s cruel to her widow Matthew Hutchins and her young son to be on the open internet.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of Baldwin’s interview. I’m going to leave comments open to all subscribers for this one. If the one that I suspect works for Baldwin’s PR firm gets back in here and is rude to you, I will block him.

My site is a place for civil and respectful debate. Okay, now to watch, and let’s discuss in the comments…

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Alec Baldwin
Baldwin's legal battles after shooting and killing Halyna Hutchins on the "Rust" movie set.
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