Gun Manufacturers Keep Pace with Record Panic Buying in April

Biden’s gun control boosts sales despite empty store shelves

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Pres. Biden must have stock in a firearms company. There’s no other way to explain why he keeps pushing gun control that only results in more guns being sold. Now that Biden has moved from rhetoric to executive actions, people are panic buying. They know more gun bans are coming.

I’m joking about the stocks but not about Biden’s inability to see the connection between threatening to take guns just makes Americans buy more.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) released the April adjusted NICS on Monday and there were nearly 1.7 million checks, which is the highest April ever.  I asked NSSF’s Director of Public Affairs Mark Oliva how sales could kept increasing this past month since readers tell me they can’t find guns to buy because the shelves are bare.

“It never hits the shelf,” said Oliva. “The gun is coming in, and it never hits the display case because it was ordered for a specific customer. Once it comes in, retailers call the customers to complete the 4473.” 

The 4473 refers to the ATF form that you fill out to get a background check when you purchase a gun from a dealer. (Lying on this form is how the government can prosecute people for illegally buying guns. However, if you are Hunter Biden, you can lie and get away with it.)

Gun sales started to spike when the pandemic began in March 2020 and stayed at record levels for 13 months (see the chart below.) That’s why you can’t find guns and ammo anywhere.

However, Oliva pointed out that, “It’s a remarkable feat of firearm manufacturers to keep pace with this blistering demand." He also explained to me that, despite the empty shelves,  “Most stores are fulfilling orders.”

Americans are more worried about their personal safety and ability to buy guns now than they were last April when the federal government put us in a lockdown. This shows how much Biden’s executive actions on gun control -- which I detailed here -- have made people buy whatever they can find. Biden has made AR-15 pistols regulated by the ATF, started drafting a national “red-flag” law, asked Congress for a new “assault weapons” ban and closing the so-called “boyfriend loophole” and “stalker loophole.”

Americans strongly support their Second Amendment rights for self defense, which is threatened by the president. When Biden got in office, gun sales started to rise and keep going as he pushes the Democratic-controlled Congress to pass sweeping legislation on gun control. They want to protect themselves and their families from rioting in cities and urban violence, while seeing calls for defunding police and the police retiring at record numbers. 

Biden’s obsession with gun control goes back his whole career. But he also has found that it is very appealing to Democrats. As I wrote about recent polls:

Now, in the middle of a pandemic and economic problems and unemployment, Democrats say that gun violence is the No. 1  biggest problem in our country -- a whopping 73% of them.

As I always say, no gun control law has ever reduced “gun violence.” Biden’s actions are a threat only to the law-abiding. 

So, do you think Biden has stock in Smith & Wesson or Sturm Ruger? 

Just kidding. 

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