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It amuses me to think of how annoyed liberal policy makers get at the their realization of their drumbeat sends Americans in droves to the Guns & Ammo dealer.

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I am working now on getting more solid answers from the manufacturers on the ammo shortage. I'll report on it as soon as I get the interviews.

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If you watch the news or read the media, you'd think that all Dems are gun-grabbers and maybe that's true, especially among the leadership, but there is a large contingent of gun-owning (and vocal) people on the left who are working very hard to protect the 2A. I, for one, am very happy that's the case. It will take all of us to successfully push back on these crazy restrictions.

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As soon as it was announced that cheating joe was our acting president I loaded up on the ammo I hadn't forgotten the 0mama years...Now I notice ammo prices have doubled on most sites..

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The NSSF graphic is pretty revealing. I’m betting it continues in a skyward trend.

I’m also one of those folks who recently bought a firearm (an AR-15) but mine will take months before I receive it (I’m watching my credit card statement in the hopes a big charge will be rung up 😂).

A couple days ago I also just bought 500 rounds of 77gr 5.56 ammo for a stupid-high price but the company I bought it from had 4 cases left and the manufacturer, IMI (an Israeli company), said they are now out of stock and will not have more until after the end of the year (my ammo should be arriving tomorrow 👍).

Guns ‘n ammo are available but you really need to work to find them.

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