Hospital's New Hurdle to Stop Texas Doctor from Giving Ivermectin to Dying Sheriff Deputy

Texas Health Huguley Hospital sends last minute letter to Dr. Mary Talley Bowden

Since I wrote this article, the family allowed me make their names public and write their story. Read my interview with Erin Jones about her husband Sheriff Deputy Jason Jones here for the latest developments.

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UPDATE 11/10 7pm CT-

Texas Health Huguley Hospital called the police tonight when the sheriff’s deputy’s wife came with a nurse to give the first dose of Ivermectin. (Dr. Bowden found a nurse in the Fort Worth area to bring her prescription to the ICU earlier today.)

The lawyer for the sheriff’s deputy is Beth Parlato. I talked to her today for a long time. She’s a powerhouse. She said the hospital claimed there is a stay of the order from the appellate court, but she can’t verify that tonight. Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and the court is closed. So she can’t verify the claim by the hospital until Friday at the earliest. This means the dying sheriff deputy cannot get a single dose of Ivermectin for at least two more days. He’s in a medically-induced coma in the ICU. His wife was with the nurse when the hospital called the police. This is just so wrong.

UPDATE 11/10 11:45am CT —

Nurse needed in Fort Worth ASAP — The judge ordered today that the patient be given “one full week of Ivermectin.” Dr. Bowden needs a nurse in the Fort Worth area to help because the one she was using is no longer available. She will get the hospital privileges and the nurse will work under her. If you know someone, email her staff immediately at

Hospital appeals - Texas Health Huguley Hospital appealed to have the temporary order stayed. The appeals court didn’t grant the stay. They granted moving up the appeal. So they have to file an appellate brief by next Wednesday (11/17). I have the court order but I’m concerned to post it online for the patient’s privacy. The good news for the sheriff deputy’s family is he can get seven days of Ivermectin during this wait for the appeals court to decide.

Since my story ran yesterday on Dr. Mary Talley Bowden’s fight to give Ivermectin to a dying COVID patient, Texas Health Huguley Hospital made an attempt to appear to be abiding by court order. However, the hospital gave Dr. Bowden new terms that are impossible for her to meet in order to treat her patient — a sheriff’s deputy in the ICU. The hospital has defied the court for a week now.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Bowden got a letter (PDF of it at the end) from Dr. Ronny Ford, the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer. He wrote that the hospital would abide by the latest temporary injunction order given by the court on Monday, but it would add more bureaucratic steps to slow down treatment.

The sheriff’s deputy’s wife went to court to ask that Dr. Bowden be allowed to give her sick husband the medication Ivermectin. Dr. Bowden and a state senator testified in court on Nov. 2. The judge ruled in favor of the patient. He ordered the hospital to give Dr. Bowden privileges within 24 hours so that she can administer one does of Ivermectin.

(The judge could have compelled the hospital to give the man the drug but instead said Dr. Bowden had to administer it, which is why the hospital has this power to delay.)

The hospital defied the court and didn’t respond until Nov. 5 when it refused to grant hospital privileges to Dr. Bowden. That has never happened to her in her medical career. CLICK HERE FOR MY FIRST STORY FOR THOSE DETAILS.

The Monday order forced their hand, but again the hospital waited until the end of Tuesday to respond. Chief Medical Officer Ford wrote to her to tell her to submit her application for hospital privileges “today.” Bowden told me Ford’s email was sent at 3:03 p.m. She was at work and happened to check her email at 3:30 p.m.

“They want it done by 5p.m. It takes 2+ hours to do the application,” she texted me. “Not sure what’s going to happen because I’m picking up my kids right now.”  (Bowden is a mother of four boys.)

Dr. Ford claimed the last-minute deadline is because “our medical staff is meeting tonight.” But then his letter said that the Tuesday meeting had no impact on the process. He wrote:

Irrespective of the medical staff’s privileging recommendation, your application will then be submitted to the Hospital’s Board of Directors, which will meet on Thursday, November 11, 2021. 

That board meeting will be 22 days since Bowden wrote the prescription for Ivermectin — that her patient still cannot take because the hospital refuses to administer it.

Her patient, the sheriff’s deputy, is now so ill that the hospital said that the medication can only be administered by crushing it up and putting it in a feeding tube. 

The medical establishment and the government oppose using Ivermectin to treat COVID. But no one has said the drug could lead to more severe illness or death.

There is no medical or ethical reason for these hospital doctors and administrators to withhold Ivermectin from this dying man. It’s been a week since the court ordered Texas Health Huguley Hospital to let Dr. Bowden treat her patients. The hospital should accept and approve her application as soon as she can finish it and let her give the medication immediately.


I’ve emailed the media contacts at the hospital for response and will update if I get any more information. 

Click below to read the letter Dr. Bowden got late Tuesday.

Texas Health Huguley letter to Dr. Bowden 11/9/2021
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Dr. Ronny Ford letter sent to Dr. Bowden about court order. NOTE: I have redacted the letter for the patient's privacy.
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Texas Health Huguley Hospital website

Ronny Ford, MD website

Dr. Bowden’s practice Breathe MD is here, Linkedin, Twitter

Information on Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19: National Institutes of Health (NIH), World Health Organization (WHO), FDA

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