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Hi Emily, thank you once again for superior journalism. In reading the first few paragraphs, I’m reminded of an extreme example of, what I think has the same primal ingredient- government influences (coercion?)

A while ago I read a BBC story about Chinese Government officials & police officers who reach out to individuals to influence, coerce, threaten Uighers.

I’m sure no Biden official would dare threaten us over vaccinations or mask compliance (Kate Bedingfield or Neera Tandeen may want to throw people in prison, maybe…).

I’m sure I’m reaching, but that’s why democrats and socialist scare me. They descend towards cruelty in pursuit of shoving their morality down your throat.

The cost of speaking up against China https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-56563449

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Sometimes I listen to NPR’s ‘TakeAway’ and ‘All Things Considered’. So Condescending

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