I admired Queen Elizabeth II for her wisdom, charm, knowledge, grace, and wit. She is actually a distant cousin to me, as are the other British Royal Family members. Her Majesty demonstrated a life of service by doing a life of service. She lived well, despite the many turmoils. I do not think I could safely share other thoughts regarding the Royal Family right now.

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The world is a bit lesser of a place today. Not at all what we need. May she Rest In Peace.

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Hi there Emily - not sure how many subjects of the Queen/King you have as subscribers but I am one at least. One of my earliest memories is travelling with my mother to see Queen Elizabeth II at a country town called Tamworth in NSW Australia. My attachment to her and the monarchy has not waned in the many years since then, at least until today. At first glance - one may say that the Monarchy does unify people. But I think it depends very much on the focus/beliefs of the Monarch (American history shows that Kings are not always loved). The most important thing about the previous British monarchy (The 2nd Elizabethan age) is their understanding of how to be a good monarch - they have stayed mostly out of politics and business and always sought to better society by modelling and encouraging the behaviour that builds a coherent, tolerant and prosperous society. They have promoted the Christian world view. And I am sure Queen Elizabeth took her responsibility to pray for the subjects of the realm seriously. Just as those Christian subjects take their responsibility to pray for her and her successor seriously. We have had a wonderfully blessed past 70 years as a result.

However I certainly fear that the current monarch may not have the same effect. King Charles is on record as a believer of all faiths. He has already disposed of any firm adherence to Christian belief and therefore its values. The thing I will miss most about QEII is her prayers!!. (Prov.29-18 Where there is no vison the people perish) I am fearful of the prayers of our new King!!. We are now therefore at a true tipping point in time.

I am confident, but not happy to say, that this Monarch will divide and see division throughout the realm. Due primarily to departure from the Christian faith and understanding. He is on the record for climate action. Which will see the impoverishment of billions all over the world. Unlike his mother he is a natural elite, without faith of substance, to keep him humble and wise. He is truly like a boat tossed about in a storm.

Its never really been important who leads, it only matters where they want to lead and to what extent they take responsibility for the consequences of their leadership, so that there decisions are thought through wisely.

Just as the U.S. suffers now with a lack of wise Christian leadership. The same problem has existed in U.K. Canada, Australia and New Zealand for the same length of time. But now with our new monarch we will be united in becoming even more excessively stupid. Unity is only good when its purpose is good. The U.S still holds the greatest hope for freedom and faith of any system anywhere in the world due to its disunity. It is good to be disunited when your peers are so intent on self harm.

So we have had 70 great years under Queen Elizabeth II. Not because of the system or the person - but because of what she and the system believed and promoted.

I will be praying that another great era of Christian belief can follow on from the time we are in now. And looking around today, only prayer can make that happen.

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I admired the Queen for all the reasons that John states, for all the reasons you Emily state. I hold her example of keeping calm and poised, her ability to remain resolute no matter what. Queen Elizabeth is an example of what The Lord expects of us.

When you compare the Queen to the types of people we have in power, it becomes very clear how inadequate our leaders are...I’m looking at you, Joe Biden.

My parents came to this country with British passports that bore the seal of EIIR. I remember their reverence to Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen has died. Long live King Charles III

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Also to loose this wonder piece of history. The first prime minister under her reign was non other than Sir Winston Churchill!!!

I certainly wish our country had the togetherness she brought to her country. as well as most of the countries that made up the British Empire! Having spent 75 summers in Canada, I can tell you they still think of her as their Queen.

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Just heard this from a friend. It's supposedly from one of her Honor Guard members. From what I've heard about the Queen and her sense of humor, I believe it!


I was on Guard of Honour, waiting for the King of Saudi Arabia, on Horseguards.

On the right flank; Scots Guard (100 guardsmen) a gap, HM The Queen, mounted in uniform; alongside her the CO Colonel Gerald, another gap, then on the left flank, the Queen’s Company Grenadier Guards (100 guardsmen).

We’re stood at ease waiting.

Suddenly the silence was broken by Colonel Gerald’s charger erupting with horse farts at full volume.

Embarrassed and staring straight ahead Colonel Gerald says, “Sorry about that your Majesty!”

She replies, in a wonderful voice, “That’s alright Gerald, . . . I thought it was your horse!”

200 guardsmen silently cried with laughter, and tapped their rifle butts on the gravel.

From that moment, every man there adored her!

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The Guardian wrote a beautiful tribute to her legacy and her ability to keep her country together. I highly recommend it. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/sep/08/queen-elizabeth-ii-a-constant-queen-whose-failings-were-rare

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Just now read your Epoch Times story about FBI coercing otherwise qualified individuals to voluntarily forfeit firearms. This particular news curdles the contents in my entire body. I would like to encourage you to write more in this medium if you're so inclined.

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Morning. Dr Simone Gold might be interesting to report about. She is opposed to the vax, favors ivermectin and hydrochloroquine. She was just released from federal jail for being involved with the 6 Jan 2021 Capitol incident. She believes she was targeted for prosecution based on the COVID charlie foxtrot of the Feds

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She was a stellar woman who lived a resolute life with dignity and grace. No one will ever match her reign. That said, it is time to sunset the monarchy, dissolve the United Kingdom, free Scotland and Wales, and unite Ireland as one nation.

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She was everything a person should aspire to be. She had wisdom, charm, grace, charisma. She had love of country, a sense of duty, she honored tradition and at the same time recognized that she had to remain relevant with the passing of time. She loved and respected her subjects and in return they loved and respected her. She never let them down. She was steadfast and reliable. At the same she had sharp whit. Not above a dry humorous comment. It really made her very relatable. Truly the end of an era.

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Queen Elizabeth became through her constancy and moderation a symbol of stability and continuity for the British people. She was a beacon of not just religious virtue but also civic virtue, even when her children were not.

As such, she will be sorely missed by the British people, even those who otherwise rail against the monarchy.

In the US, the beacon of stability has historically been our elections. Politicians come and go, but good leader or bad, the one surety the American people have had is that there will be a chance to revisit the matter.

Civil and World war has never managed to disrupt America's election cycle.

Sadly, that too may be passing, as the passage of time reveals fresh examples of corruption in the 2020 election, robbing people of their faith in our elections.

A British institution has passed on. God willing King Charles will suffice to stand in her stead. God willing our own institution of continuity will survive 2022 to hold this country together a little while longer.

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Will Andrew be back in the fold now???

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