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The United States Government Apparatus is behaving like a bunch of infants with obstructed bowels, wearing nappys requiring changing and overfull, plus not being equipped with pacifiers. I seriously doubt the government ops will improve any time soon. Meantime the chance of importing opponents to American ways is severely high. I seriously hope that candidates for travel to here completely fit the bill.

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I am SIV applicant

I have worked, helped

Completed all the eligible requirements

SIV is a especial one that has been created for our kind of people

So why are not we getting any proper help for the evacuation

I have nothing here, no job , no comfort, no opportunities, no relief, no income

Please, need help

Atleast take me out of here

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We have hundreds of people under threat on our list. We have not heard from anyone from Afghan Evac. These guys are running out of time!! Not only are they actively being hunted, but their resources and morale are both failing as well. They cannot wait for paperwork. This is an absolute emergency. We talk live everyday. The concerns are real. How can we come join the efforts on the ground? My veteran husband has spent many years there. He speaks the language. We are desperate to take action. Emily, can you connect us with a source to make this happen?

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I know about 10 families who are waiting for their flights. They have had zero affiliation with the US. Though they are rich. I am believing that, you will be evacuated only if you pay.

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Feb 9, 2022·edited Feb 9, 2022

We had apply for P2, But till now we have not received any mail from USRAP, Our life is in dangar , Is USA goverment had any plan for evacuation of afghan people who had P2 case. It has to be mention that directorate of passport is not issuing any passport rightnow that we shall shfit to third country , So kindly try that amercian government shaĺl hear our messages to process our cases from kabul. WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY

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Hello ladies I am very sorry I'm really having problems I have helped the American forces I have All the documents I have worked for more than two years I submitted all documents to SIV but I still don't get that answer now I can't go out of the house we are locked up No one can hear me please

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The USG State Department is committing injustice with SIVs and facilitated safety to those who even don’t have single day work experience with USG. We don’t know how the America have become worlds super power country with such weak management. For God-Sake! Please! Do something fast and give us our promised right. It were the SiVs how were like road map for the USG in Afghanistan and face the real threat nowadays. I have COM approval from the NVC and my interview was cancelled due to the collapse of anyone can help me Please reach me with the following email;


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Please find a way for evacuating p1 & p2! The extremistTaliban are not issuing passports for the public, and we can't travel to a third country for case processing.

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What about P-2 Cases , Have USA goverment had any plan for excavation plan from us. As per policy of P-2 we have to shfit to third country after receiving case number from USRAP, but in current satuation we can not move to third country , So it it request from USA government to process our P-2 Cases from kabul-Afghanistan

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We need asylum because we are in danger here, we are threatened by the Taliban, we face a strong threat from the Taliban, we are your allies, the Taliban call me an infidel spy, a Jew and a american spy, I have a son Who is Albino, the Taliban say where did you bring this foreign child, they say why this child has a face similar to foreigners, and they ordered their men to shoot us and he is looking for us, so please my life Save me and my family move out of Afghanistan.

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I have been applied for p2 visa by my American supervisor about a month ago and yet I am waiting and no new email from government

However there are many flights every day that are evacuating certain people it's unfair that the people who worked who stood who helped American friends are left behind.

all the passport offices are closed the embassies are closed no one can get visa the borders are closed we are stuck here

I hope that the flights which are Arranged from Afghanistan also evacuate the p2 applicants because in this condition in Afghanistan there is no way to leave every where is closed and we feel in danger we can not hide anymore they are finding us

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Hell, Iam an approved SIV visa applicant. I have been waiting for my visa since 2014. I have worked as IT Hardware Technician with US special force for more than 7 years. I have been in life risk by the Taliban.

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Greetings, well there's something wrong with the entire evacuation process, as a permanent resident I'm still waiting here, with many other people like me, many of them are citizen's,

About the SIV : idk how it works, but it seems there's a lot of things need to change, i came to US as an SIV, worked with US military forces for five years and now the rule says forget my family bcuz I'm not a current siv applicant. Secondly there's many siv applicant's who are qualified and still left behind. US evacuated shopkeepers, beggars, Pakistani truck drivers instead of SIV applicant's.

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Hell, Iam an approved SIV visa applicant. I have been waiting for my visa since 2015. I have worked as interpret with US special force for more than 7 years. I have been in life risk by the Taliban.

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I worked for two American companies .but no one refer me in p2 program. I was miletery before TB came .My father in law were SECURITY COMENDER. Now we are in apriva please in Mazar Sharif in a bad situation. They searched several times our house nightly. I am with 3 children in this private please .we realy need help. They killed our societies seriously. REALLY I don't know what we should do .No way go return go Kabul. P2 can rescue me. HELP us until it became late!

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I am an approved SIV and left behind in extreme danger, please save our lives if not these terrorists that have controlled all over the country will kill us for standing shoulder by shoulder with US Army. Please help me please!

it's a very scary situation, they are trying in different ways to target those who have worked with the US government, there are so many incidents happening every day but no one can do anything. Speech and press are all censored, please help us, we can't go out, because if they identify us, they will brutally kill in secret.

We have nothing to eat, everyday I am borrowing money from my parents, friends, classmates, previous colleagues and relatives and telling them, I will pay you back and quickly, it's been two months ago, we don't know what to do tomorrow.

Please help us

Thank you very much

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