Texas Doctor Resigns from Houston Methodist Hospital Over Vaccine Mandate and Ivermectin

New interview with Dr. Mary Talley Bowden about being called dangerous and giving COVID misinformation

In the one week since I wrote about Dr. Mary Talley Bowden taking only unvaccinated new patients, she has become a national lightning rod. 

Her privileges were suspended from Houston Methodist Hospital for “spreading false information about COVID-19 to her patients” about the vaccines. A Fort Worth hospital went to court to stop her from prescribing Ivermectin. The media elite have made her famous as a fringe conspiracy theorist. 

But Dr. Bowden is resolute in the midst of the storm. She understands she’s become a symbol of questioning the medical establishment dictates on COVID.

“I'm just fortunate that I’m independent and self employed. I've heard from other doctors who said they would speak up if they could,” she told me by phone on Monday. 

“Some of the doctors are employed by hospitals, so even if they feel the same as I do, they're not going to say anything because they can't — they'll get fired.”

Methodist Hospital Vaccine PR War

On Monday, Dr. Bowden resigned her hospital privileges instead of allowing Houston Methodist Hospital to continue to smear her reputation.  Read her full letter at the bottom of this article.

She applied for privileges at Methodist last year in case any of her COVID patients needed to be hospitalized.

“I am not worried about Methodist. It's not gonna hurt me in terms of patient care,” she said. “I only needed it just in case I had to put a patient in the hospital. But I haven't had anybody in the hospital.” She has treated 2,000 people with COVID so far. 

Dr. Bowden wrote to Methodist CEO Dr. Stuart Solomon that she made her decision because the hospital accused her of spreading “dangerous misinformation.”

That is false and defamatory. I do not spread misinformation and my opinions are supported by science. There is substantial evidence for the efficacy of Ivermectin in treating COVID-19, and no evidence for serious or fatal side effects associated with the doses used to treat for COVID-19.

She also made clear that:

I am also not anti vaccine. Although I oppose vaccine mandates on principle, I believe that vaccinations are an important tool in the fight against COVID-19. But as recent experience demonstrates, none of the current vaccines are one hundred percent effective.

When Methodist temporarily suspended her privileges last week, it did it by calling a reporter at the Houston Chronicle. She only found out when the reporter called her for comment.

Also, the hospital tweeted out attacks on her by name, something that is unheard of for a hospital to do to a doctor with a clean record.

It’s clear Bowden is being used in a publicity stunt for attention by Methodist, which was the first in the nation to mandate vaccines for its employees. (The result was 150 of its health care workers quit or were fired because of the vaccine mandate. ) The hospital wants to be known as the leader in the country for vaccines and handling COVID.

“They're branding themselves. And it’s at my expense,” said Dr. Bowden.

National media focus on Houston Doc

Methodist was successful in its goal to get publicity — at the expense of a doctor. The story has been all over the national media — CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, The Washington Post, USA Today and more.

These big outlets are reporting on a doctor with a small, private practice getting privileges suspended just for things she said, nothing she did. The reaction was far outsized to the events.

I asked Dr. Bowden what she thinks caused this national effort to tear her down, even though she’s never been accused of hurting a patient. 

“I think there's a growing tide of people fighting back on these vaccine mandates, so they are trying to suppress people like me from coming out,” she said of the doctors who are attacking her for saying vaccines are a personal choice.

“The more they attack, the less likely others will talk because it’s a warning -- If you don't go with what everybody else is saying, you're going to get smeared and ridiculed.”

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Dr. Boden decided a week ago to only take new patients who are unvaccinated so that they can get medical care. Her first line of treatment is monoclonal antibodies (Regeneron.) If a patient asks for Ivermectin, she will discuss it and prescribe as needed.

Hospital doctors cannot deviate from COVID plan

Since she’s been in the public eye, she’s heard from hospital doctors who have tried to prescribe Ivermectin, and “they were shut down by either the hospital or other doctors that were more senior.”

She showed me a text from a doctor at a major Texas hospital who said he prescribed Ivermectin to patients and the senior doctors refused it and sent out the “FDA recommendations” in response.  The FDA and the CDC say not to use Ivermectin to treat COVID. 

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I’ve written here and here about her efforts to get Ivermectin to her patient Sheriff Deputy Jason Jones. His wife Erin filed a lawsuit against Texas Health Huguley Hospital to allow Dr. Bowden to administer the medication.

The hospital currently has a stay from an appeal court to stop her until the appeals court rules on the lower court’s order to allow “right to try” for Jones. 

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“I've seen somebody say Ivermectin is ‘potentially lethal,’ and that is straight out wrong. There is no way that Ivermectin is going to kill anybody,” said Dr. Bowden. “I did a deep dive into people who have overdosed from Ivermectin and was unable to find anything about a death.”

She finds most offensive the accusations that she is a danger for prescribing this medication to her patients.

“Saying that I'm dangerous -- when I have been so proactive with patients while so many damn primary care just shut their doors during the pandemic and didn't do anything,” she said referring to how she switched her ENT practice to adding on COVID to handle the need for care. 

“So many patients come to me saying they’re looking for a new primary care doctor because their doctor has ignored them, or just tried to force them to take the vaccine. Or they've asked about Ivermectin, and they won't even have a discussion about it,” she said. 

“The number of people looking for a new doctor has amazed me, and it's not surprising to me.”

I’ve written over the past year about the government doctors who have led this pandemic with a “God complex”, I wondered why most doctors treating patients follow the government orders without question. 

“Medicine is trained very much like the military -- there are protocols and you abide by them. And there's no free thought,” explained Dr. Bowden. “There is the whole ‘standard of care,’ you cannot deviate from it. It’s heresy to deviate from something that is accepted truth.”

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She said doctors know how to hurt each other. “You’re trained to not to question because if you do, the first thing is you get called a quack. And that's what every doctor fears. It’s the worst thing you could say to a doctor -- calling them a quack -- because it just makes you sound like you're you're you're mentally ill.”

Along those lines, I told Dr. Bowden that CNN lumped her in with “a small group of doctors who have emerged as a huge source of misinformation.”

These doctors share a miasma of conspiracy theories and misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines, which have thus far proven the most effective weapon against the deadliest pandemic in 100 years.

“If I dont turn on the news, everything is fine,” Dr. Bowden replied. “I’m surprised by how many people are supporting what I am doing. I didn't imagine it would get this much positive reaction at all.” 

Dr Bowden is a hero to her patients and those in the public who want all the information on COVID treatment options and a doctor’s risk benefit analysis of the vaccines. While the government doctors dictated all public health and medical decisions for most of the pandemic, the tide has turned.

Now people want back their freedom to decide what goes in their body and how to choose a treatment plan among many options. The pendulum has swung back to personal choice and Dr. Bowden is on the front line.

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