What’s the Difference Between God and Dr. Fauci?

God doesn't think he’s a doctor

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been exposed in his own emails as knowing for a year that the novel coronavirus could be from the Wuhan lab and that masks don’t work. But he told the American people the opposite.

Fauci is a terrible combination of the ego of a doctor and the arrogance of the Deep State. He is directly responsible for shutting down America and creating widespread fear and anxiety. We can never again let doctors run the country. 

The public fell in love with Dr. Fauci during the pandemic, no matter how many times he was wrong or exaggerated the risks. He looks and sounds like the family doctor we know and trust. He became a cult figure that is more beloved than either Presidents Trump or Biden.

While many of us were frustrated with the hero worship of Fauci, his own emails show that he was a fraud. He was publicly dictating orders such as wearing disposable masks while knowing that it did nothing to prevent the spread of the virus. Fauci feigned outrage when asked about the Wuhan lab leak theory because, we know now, that he was helping the Chinese with gain of function work on coronavirus.

What’s the difference between God and Dr. Fauci? 

God doesn’t think he’s a doctor. It’s an old joke that is still funny because we all know it’s true. The doctor-God complex is real because they believe they are solely in charge of whether someone lives or dies.  But people trust their doctors and follow their directives for their health because they are afraid of illness and death.  We are deferential to doctors’ authority.

The frustration many Americans feel now about how the government has taken away so many personal freedoms during the pandemic can be traced back to obedience to the doctors’ orders. Patients could have read the studies posted on NIH and CDC websites but instead just obeyed Fauci.

Fauci has been the leader of the scare Americans movement. And we know now that the doctor deliberately withheld factual scientific information from the public.

Birx was also part of the scare tactics. I heard her say on an internal call with the FDA in late November that the country needed more “surveillance testing” to find asymptomatic cases which would motivate states to close bars and other public gathering places. She thought the end justified the means.

Trump Obeys Doctors’ Orders

Pres. Trump’s response to COVID was weak in the first months of the pandemic because he obeyed the doctors’ orders to lock down all Americans. The career government doctors - Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx in particular - convinced Trump to take the drastic step to shut down America in March 2020. They said the “15 days to stop the spread” was a matter of life and death.

In hindsight, there was no reason to force healthy younger Americans to stay home for a year. Once the hospitals got a handle on the severe cases, we could have told those with underlying conditions and over the age of 65 to isolate while kids stayed in school and everyone else went to work. 

But we are accustomed not to challenge doctors’ authority on health issues. As the doctors ran the government response, the public “learned helplessness” and obeyed completely all levels of government for most of 2020. The government made it easy to fall in line with PPP loans to keep businesses afloat, stimulus money to pay bills and unemployment payments to keep people at home.

This dependency empowered the government to take away our ability to make a living, send our kids to public schools and make our own health decisions. The Left saw this window of opportunity to dictate every aspect of our rights and freedoms -- our bodies, homes, schools, workplaces and churches.

By late spring 2020, Trump regained his footing and pushed to reopen the country and allay fears, but the damage was almost impossible to undo.   Trump never understood the public emotional reaction to the doctors scaring them into thinking they would die.  He did not communicate to calm fears, except when he had the virus himself.  I believe that Trump’s inability to calm the public is a large part of the reason he was not reelected. People wanted change because they were scared. 

Trump tried to force the FDA to speed up COVID treatments and vaccines because the Deep State had slow walked them. Fauci stopped convalescent plasma from being approved for treatment of hospitalized COVID patients. The FDA pushed through the emergency use anyway, but only after giving Fauci a week reprieve.

I have written that I believe Pfizer and the FDA career officials deliberately held back announcing the vaccine until after the election to keep it from being associated with Trump. That delay slowed down the authorization and getting it into the arms of the older population. 

“The Doctors”

In the Trump administration, “The Doctors” was an internal term to refer to all the Task Force members and agency heads who were sent out to communicate on the pandemic because they were more trusted by the public than political leaders. 

“The Doctors” were Dr. Stephen Hahn (FDA), Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIH), Dr. Deborah Birx (White House), Dr. Robert Redfield (CDC), Dr. Jerome Adams (Surgeon General), Dr. John Fleming (White House), Admiral Dr. Brett Giroir (HHS). Half of them were appointed by Trump and the others were career government officials, otherwise known as the  “Deep State.” 

During the summer and fall of 2020, the administration wanted “The Doctors” to focus their time on local TV and radio.  They called the communications strategy “Embers.”  The unspoken strategy was to go around the national media to reach people through local media which was less biased against  Trump. 

In an internal email to the members in August 2020, the White House press office explained the reason for “Embers” was that the Trump administration was heightening its engagement with 25 cities that are the top areas of concern for increasing COVID cases. It also said that, under Trump’s direction, the doctors are calling for everyone to come together to prevent that city from being the next “hot spot.” The talking points reminded them to recommend the “3 Ws” (social distance, maks, wash hands) and say that, “The president is leading the country through this pandemic.” 

Doctors are rarely known for their bedside manner, and the least comforting ones have no contact with patients and run the big government agencies. “The Doctors”, who were the administration's spokesmen for the pandemic, only talked about how serious the virus was and the most drastic measures to stop the spread. You’d never hear them talk about the 99% survival rate. Unfortunately, no one in Washington used language that could soothe and comfort a terrified nation.

Medicine is Not an Exact Science

I do not believe Fauci and Birx or my boss at the FDA, Dr. Stephen Hahn, have bad intentions. They were trained to “do no harm” and take the most aggressive approach to saving lives. They don’t care about keeping kids in school or ensuring the economy stays afloat. That’s not their job. The problem is they expect to be followed exactly with no questioning their authority. 

The public believes that when a doctor gives an order, it is based on facts. But medicine is more art than science. For every disease and illness, a doctor will try various modalities and then study, watch, learn and adjust the treatment for each patient. People don't seem to understand this concept applies to cancer, heart attacks and coronavirus. The treatment for hospitalized COVID patients is not one drug or one protocol. And it has been adjusted over time as hospitals find which combination of drugs and treatments have the best results.

The public could not accept the changing guidance from the CDC. That’s why it seems Fauci never said publicly what he knew about the pointlessness of masks. He probably figured it’s safer to let people be overly cautious -- stuck at home, wearing masks when walking alone outside -- then go to the effort of trying to explain the results of the new studies.

The doctors and scientists saw studies come back as the pandemic year progressed that showed, for example, that they were wrong that the virus could live on surfaces for 5-7 days. They saw that the virus wasn’t transmitted on surfaces at all. One study last spring showed that kids in daycare through the early months of the pandemic did not get COVID nor pass it to their parents. But the states still kept the schools closed because, they alleged from the first doctor order, it was saving the lives of the grandparents.

People thought the government couldn't be trusted because the studies were coming back and showing the doctors were wrong on many factors. But it just takes time to do studies. The government doctors and scientists leading the pandemic response were making the best decisions that they could at the time in order to save lives.

Fauci will never get back his reputation as an honest, caring doctor. Lying to the public showed him as arrogant and putting his own legacy above integrity.  Fauci believes that he knows best what Americans should do with their bodies and lives. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that he works for the taxpayer. 

The traumatic event from COVID coming to America resulted in many Americans developing “learned helplessness”, which I’ve written is that psychological problem when you stop trying to change your circumstances. We are seeing now what could have been done differently in this pandemic. Next time we must be better prepared to push back when the government goes too far.

We will have another pandemic, sooner rather than later. We need to learn from this one that the doctors can run the health response, the government can support the economy and the people will decide how we go about our daily lives.


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