I’ve been waiting to hear from Sen. McConnell on this. Here’s his statement tonight.

McConnell statement on FBI Trump:

“The country deserves a thorough and immediate explanation of what led to the events of Monday. Attorney General Garland and the Department of Justice should already have provided answers to the American people and must do so immediately.”

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The FBI needs to be abolished.

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They are desperate to keep Trump from running again, though attacking him like this backs him into a corner where he almost has to. The administrative state is too arrogant to see they are only ensuring their own end with these insane stunts regardless of if it actually hurts Trump (which on this one I doubt it will when we look back in 2-3 months). It’s as toxic as toddler Covid “vaccine” mandates. Even many of those you had on board for “mandates” see it as a senseless bridge too far.

If the FBI gets their way, and Trump is somehow too damaged to run or is in prison, Republican primary voters have a litmus test of defunding these giant and largely useless agencies. Whoever wins the nomination will have insane pressure to defund them. Promising budget reductions 80% with half the savings to lower taxes/ pay down national debt and half in the form of block grants back to the states to perform the same function. USDED, DOE, FBI, CIA, DOJ, CDC, NIH to name a few. Much like over pitching vaccines that don’t work, the shock and awe of constantly calling Republicans fascists criminals with zero actual facts to back it up is a strategy of diminishing returns. If it’s not Trump, it’ll be someone with more anti-regime policies already wise to the corruption.

And this as Democrats show they like to reallocate our tax dollars to the “poor” industrial complex CEO’s, sketchy arms dealers the world over, and lazy activists posing as teachers, the general public will be ready for a change by 2024. If Republicans take the House this year they can block some further destruction of our economy without bearing the blame for the ongoing destruction of the country. They can also pass a bunch of populist legislation in the House - school choice, acknowledgement of biological sex, lower taxes, defunding these agencies, undoing the IRS army that was just funded, improved actual anti-trust, breaking up the banks, healthcare, big tech, etc. They can show the public their legislative priorities aren’t that different than the ones the leftist Democrats often claim to agree with, but always vote against. School choice will be a winning issue for a generation.

If Trump survives this and runs again in 2024, he will have a personal vendetta against the entire administrative state with 60% of the country cheering him on. The same administrative state the old school leftist like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi hate even more than they hate Trump. Many middle aged once, and young current, Bernie supporters disillusioned with Marxism as they see their quality of life plummet because the regime, not the people, always control the redistribution will be ready to support Trump who will at least redistribute power over their lives and let them keep more of what they earn.

My expectation today is the hesitation Trump had in the previous administration to go full throttle against the corruption is gone, and terrible hires like John Bolton will not be repeated. In 2024 Republicans will have an advantage in the House, and Democrats are the ones who will be attempting to defend a bunch of vulnerable Senate seats with zero actual accomplishments (WV just became an almost assured loss).

This regime is in its final days. Not just Brandon, but also the current administrative state. They lack the tools, intelligence, and charisma to be the CCP they idolize, and even the CCP is facing deep unpopularity at home.

The politicized administrative state no longer thinks about any type of mid to long term repercussions. It’s become all about survival just for today, but there is no bright spot on the horizon to come save them and they know it.

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Fishing expedition with the intent of chilling Trump and his supporters. It’s not going to happen. I’m with others who think Trump should announce his 2024 run today.

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You have a wounded bureaucracy, a somnambulist, inarticulate, and ineloquent President, and a former President who could quite possibly mount a comeback. And Trump 2.0 won't spend the first year getting his office organized - the Deep Staters, Never Trumpers, McCain/Cheney/Romney Elites will be in the crosshairs this time and they know it.

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In my opinion, this was done to provoke a response. While they'll happily accept any and all other results up to and including making Trump ineligible for office I believe they have their eyes on a larger prize. When you see the spectacle they've made of the January 6 "insurrection", imagine their glee if a small group of far right hotheads stage a demonstration while carrying AR15 rifles, or even suggesting doing something like that on social media? That would be all the justification they'd need to crack down, make polling places "secure"; all kinds of mischief could ensue. I don't even want to imagine.

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Also it is not what they find, what may have been planted, oh what was in their about them.

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Yes, politics is what this is about, Trump is not a member of their club, they loved him when he donated to either party, but he becomes President with a very large following, and still has that following, they will do anything to break that. He constantly lives in their minds as one that can take away their power.

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1. The FBI is irredeemably corrupt. News reports they were rummaging through Trump's house unsupervised disturb me. Would they plant anything? Of course, they would. Watching the oleaginous Wray's testimony before the Senate was vomit-inducing.

2. I would prefer De Santis. He'd be a layup against any Democrat nominee, but after the latest attack on Trump, I would love to see Orange Man Bad win in 2024 and tear that entire gang a new one.

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This has never been done against any other past POTUS. What has happened is an abuse of power. It's telling America that we can do this to you and anyone that oppose us vocally. Is America turning into China? Clearly they want to make life hard on Trump to discourage him to run or anyone who follows in his footsteps, to send them a message. Biden admin came after the 1A, 2A and now the 4A.

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A question is what evidence was submitted in order for the judge to authorize the search warrant? And who signed the enabling affidavit? Was it similar to the false affidavits used for the FISA warrants? In my opinion, this incident is an attempt to disqualify Mr Trump from seeking POTUS again and nothing much more. However, this invasion has permanently cost all Federal law enforcement and security agencies all measure of respect and honor I might have previously had. Arbitrary and capricious grounds could be submitted to cause me to lose my God given rights, my freedoms, my person, my residence, my papers, my effects, my assets, and what remains of my time on this Earthly plane. I admit a very high level of fear and concern within me. As for my anger, it is in me. Expressing my contempt...i admit a desire to urinate upon some of these thieving and dishonorable stormtroopers.

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It is bizarre, but it seems par for the course concerning all things government overreach. The lack of accountability from our so-called leaders is outrageous. We need to battle tyranny in all forms, including egregious acts of violating personal liberty such as this raid on Trump’s Florida home.

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The Deep State/Dems are desperate to find something - anything- to indict Trump for to disqualify a 2024 run.

The so-called alphabet agencies have all been corrupted; they’re now weapons in the hands of Dems who are now going to use them against their political foes.

This was a giant step; a “cross the Rubicon” moment as others have noted. Afraid this is the end of the republic as we have known it.

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Without knowing what’s in the warrant that a judge signed. I’d like to coment on how the warrant was served and why not just get a subpoena for the records. I’ve written hundreds of search warrants reviewed thousands and participated in the service of thousands of search warrants. This was during the course of my 34 year police career mainly in working homicide. This warrant was not served on a drug kingpin or mass murderer. It was apparently for records potentially in the possession of an ex president. In the service of any search warrants you try to be the least intrusive and of course safe and respectful, I can’t help but say this was a big show and absolutely unnecessary the way it was conducted.

There were no cameras and big news stories about the president’s attorneys cooperating regarding these potential documents. To see several dozens of FBI agents converge on a location knowing the president wasn’t even there was beyond ridiculous. And to force entry into a safe ? A simple phone call to the president, I’m sure would’ve revealed the combination. I would feel the same if similar circumstances were done on any president. This is a dangerous precedent. With all that we’ve seen with the FBI over the past several years, I think it’s time for a re-organization. I’ve worked many taskforces with the FBI. What I’m seeing with today’s FBI is no reflection of the people that I know. So like everyone else I’ll wait and see how this plays out. Our forefathers obviously considered the fourth amendment extremely important.

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Emily, I hate to write this; there are many good employees of the FBI. I have several friends that are/were Special Agents. One worked Antiterrorism all throughout Mideast.

However, the manner the agents took boxes without much inspection or cataloguing contents, makes it easy to add incriminating "evidence" later. My understanding is they are to photograph and catalog contents when removing them. Was this done?

I do not trust Federal LE.

Semper Fi

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I just saw this, this morning 08/20/2022 from Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch talking with John Solomon of Just the News.


Old case over audio tapes in Bill Clinton's sock drawer could impact Mar-a-Lago search dispute.

Judge ruled in 2012 that a president's discretion to declare records "personal" is far-reaching and mostly unchallengeable. Who was the Judge and Court who decided this Case? U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington D.C.

Since when did the democrats who are now Feds, care about the Law and Federal Case Law like this ? They don't.

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This is only 5 minutes long, but its worth your 5 minutes.

Victor Davis Hanson tells it like it is.


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Anyone interested in reading the Search Warrant and Property Receipt for Mar-A-Lago ? It is in this link:


The Feds are begging the new Judge to NOT release the Sworn Affidavit for the Search Warrant. What are the Feds afraid of? They had no problem releasing the Sworn Affadavits when Clintons were accused and how many people ended up being "Arkancided" ?

Some observations from a non-professional.

- Why weren't Trump's lawyers given a copy of the "Receipt for Property" until the Feds left that day?

- Why were many Feds walking around with backpacks on?

- What were INSIDE the backpacks that no one could observe?

- Who told LYINGnews that Trump had Nuclear information the Feds seized on August 8?

- Who were the third party party neutral observer's of the 30+ Feds inside Trump's home?

- Did the Feds take video of ALL 30+ Fed agents in Trump's home the ENTIRE time they were inside?

- If no, why not? A Judge should order this especially based upon the Feds history!

- Why did the Feds tell the people in Trump's home to turn off their Video system?

- Where does it state the Feds can DESTROY Trump's safe?

- Where does it state the Feds can search Melania's clothing?

- Where does it state anywhere Trump can go to can be searched instead of specific places that most other Search Warrant says they can search specifically i.e. bathroom first floor medicine cabinet ?

- Why when the Feds were inside the Secured Storage Locker in the basement in June, did they not take the documents they RAIDED and then seized on August 8?

- Did the Feds take any items that Trump had de-classified and was allowed to have ?

- Did Trump have any evidence of criminal activity done by any democrat or by any Fed, that the Feds seized on August 8?

- One of the first things that Wray and Garland are saying that we have to believe the Feds are all people of Integrity. History proves they are NOT.

- Who is feeding LIES to LYINGnews and Biden?

- Why are democrats & LYINGnews already calling Trump guilty of Espionage, which shows they are already spreading LIES & RUMORS to Libel and Slander Trump, as they did previously?

- Trump claims his Passports are now missing and nowhere on this Property Receipt does it show that they were to take his 3 Passports. Where does it state the Feds can collect Trump's 3 passports ?

I was told that a Search Warrant had to be specific and not vague. The Search Warrant is like a giant fishing expedition. I was told, a Search Warrant must be very narrow and limited in scope. Think of a Search Warrant, like going pheasant hunting. You cannot hunt and kill ducks, geese, deer, rainbow trout, elk, moose or anything other than pheasants when it's pheasant season. Here's two items of many the Feds took at Mar-A-Lago with my comments in (brackets):

Executive Grant of Clemency for Roger Stone

(How many people did Bary pardon and grant clemency to who used/sold drugs and guns?)

Leatherbound box of documents

(What documents were in this box?)

(What documents were NOT in this box?)

(What documents or items were added by the Feds?)

(What documents or items were REMOVED from this box?)

(What documents in this box were shredded by the Feds?)

Binder of photos

(Yes, a photo could show things people are uncomfortable looking at.)

(Yet, if the photo documents a crime i.e. Epstein and someone else were with little children in Epstein's plane and they had no clothes on.)

(AND it was a now retired Fed who gave that to Trump to document that in fact this person was breaking child sex laws/crimes as evidence.)

(Would that be illegal for Trump to keep to seek justice for the child? )

If we sound suspicious of the Feds, we look back over our lifetimes and they brought this on themselves.

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Of all the news reports and commentary, this one sums it up the best:


If Biden and Pelosi and their DoJ and their FBI are going to apply the laws to Trump, then they have to apply the same laws against both Bary, Joe and to Hilry.

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Aug 14, 2022·edited Aug 15, 2022

Question for you Emily:

Did the democrats prompt/incite/encourage the Feds to RAID Trump's Mar-A-Lago home to DISTRACT and DIVERT people's attention away from Pelosi and her trip ?

Americans should be demanding WHY Pelosi took the Veep's Air Force plane to Taiwan just days before Trump's home was RAIDED.

Isn't Pelosi Speaker of the House, and not a NEGOTIATOR between China, Taiwan and the US ? Did the democrats give the Wuhan Lab in China, US taxpayer $$ as well as $$ from possibly Gates and Sorros - to create the Covid virus ? Pelosi's trip to Taiwan looks VERY suspicious. Did American LYINGnews people ask Pelosi direct questions such as: WHY she went to Taiwan; WHO she spoke to; WHAT did they discuss; Was she representing herself or the US Fed. government etc.

Don't forget: the Biden family and Sen. Diane Feinstein and her family have been VERY good friends with China to the point she hired a Chinese Spy as her driver years ago.

Was there an "Espionage Investigation" of Feinstein ever ? If no, why not ?

Was there an "Espionage Investigation" of Pelosi's good friend Eric Swalwell who was having S3X with a Chinese Spy less than 5 years ago ? If no, why not ?

Was there an "Espionage Investigation" of Hunter and Jim Biden and Seneca, who made many trips to China & Ukraine in the past ten years ? If no, why not ?

Was there an "Espionage Investigation" of Paul Sr., Nancy and Paul Jr. Pelosi who made trips to China & Ukraine in the past ten years ? If no, why not ?

How many trips did then Senator Biden and later Veep Biden, take to China ? How many trips did Hunter and his business partners in Seneca, go on these same trips ? How many trips did Joe's brother "Jim" go on ? How many trips to China & Ukraine did Hunter, Seneca and Jim go on that Joe did NOT accompany them ? Judicial Watch is demanding this information and the WH is refusing to turn it over. Why ? If the democrats want to accuse Trump of "espionage" maybe the Feds should be asking the Clintons and the Biden's about trading "missile technology in exchange for campaign cash."

Hitler's "Propaganda man" Jodef Goebels said it quite well:

"Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty !"






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I am reading the book Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly. Chapters 15-16 are about the Jewish Deep State at that time that was out to destroy Jesus and anyone associated with him because he showed the DS for what it was, corrupt officials who were stealing from the people instead of serving God as they pretended. Donald Trump is certainly no Jesus - but the American Deep State is the same and is having the same reaction to DT's pointing out the same problems. I was just amazed when I saw that what O'Reilly wrote is the same as today's news reports!!!

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Well you knew that this administration would go after Trump. They loathed him and making up false charges against a former President that everyone hated is par for the course. Yes I think that the government has too much authority. Why isn’t Hunter Biden not treated the same way? It’s because his father is President and he can tell the AG that they don’t need to go after his son. And the DOJ says Okay Mr. President. It’s ridiculous, but I am just a citizen who’s opinion doesn’t matter because I don’t give to PACS or to anybody running for Office.

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Does the POTUS have the legal authority to declassify documents ? Didn't Trump declassify some documents regarding JFK's assassination that other POTUS' didn't declassify ?

Didn't Trump as POTUS have the ability as POTUS, to declassify documents that he wanted to ? When people say the Feds took multiple boxes from Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago, do the Feds know every single item that Trump de-classified ? Can Trump also SEAL records like Bary did ? Who has greater the top rank when it comes to Sealing Records and Declassifying Records ? The POTUS or the democrats working in the National Archives office ?

One of Bary's first acts after he was sworn in was to SEAL his own past records including but not limited to the following and many other items:

- ALL of his college records from Occidental, Columbia, Harvard and his thesis paper at Columbia

- His Selective Service Registration

- His Medical Records

- His Illinois State Senate schedule

- His Illinois State Senate records

- Law Practice Client List

- Why he and Michale BOTH surrendered their Law Licenses in Illinois

- Baptism Record at Jeremiah Wright's church

- Why Michale had 22 Taxpayer funded assistants

- If he received "foreign student aid" when he went to college and from whom

- What country gave him a passport to visit Pakistan in 1981

The Feds (working with Pelosi and Hilry and Bary) and democrats as a whole - want to have what they did as LEGAL, Lawful and BINDING but Republicans cannot do the same things. What the democrats thought would hurt Trump, has now boomeranged back and is going to hurt them as a Party and at every election and is why they HAVE to cheat at Elections.

NEVER FORGET Americans: the democrats started a WAR, just so they could OWN slaves !

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When the Feds said that Hunter's laptop was "Russian Disinformation" did ANY Federal agency's STOP their possible or ongoing Felony investigations of Hunter ?

If yes, then when sufficient evidence came out that indeed the laptop was Hunter's, did any of these Federal agency's pickup and resume or START Felony investigations of Hunter based upon the evidence that the Computer showed ? For example: Hunter smoking a crack pipe and Hunter brandishing a firearm while doing "street drugs" ? Or, Hunter personally financially profiting from his dad's job as Veep in more than one foreign country ?

It appears the Feds are protecting Joe, Hunter and Jim Biden from anything coming out about them BEFORE, DURING & now AFTER the election in LYINGnews. But the exact opposite is true of Trump, his family and his staff. Why the double standard Feds and LYINGnews ?

Not only does the DoJ have a Two Tier Justice System, but so does LYINGnews when comparing the Biden's and Pelosi's family's with the Trump family. Americans can see right through the LIES of LYINGnews and cover-ups by the Feds almost every day.

The RAID on the Trump home home, shows 100% Political BIAS by the Feds and LYINGnews. Especially given the fact that Hunter's computer shows Federal Drug and Gun Laws being broken, and ZERO consequences for Hunter !

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I'm not a big Trump supporter, and I hope he'll decide to gracefully decline to run again in 2024. However, this situation is egregious. As others have said, it sets a bad precedent.

But the good news is, I'm sure the FBI will now raid Hillary's safe, as well as Hunter Biden's, to get to the bottom of their cases.

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Who is alleging the search was for classified docs?

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