Who is Emily Miller?

I’m what people call a “DC Insider.” But, I’m not like the rest of them. I tell the whole truth. It gets me in trouble. And I have made a lot of enemies. I’ve also made a lot of loyal friends (who aren’t dogs.)

I’ve been a national TV reporter and a presidential appointee. There’s even a Hollywood movie character based on me. But I’m the real Emily Miller.

I have a rare combination of experience in my career. I’ve been a journalist in mainstream media (ABC News, NBC News) and conservative media (Fox, OAN, The Washington Times.)

Also, I’ve worked in the most powerful offices in the government as a strategic advisor and spokesman at the FDA, the State Department and Capitol Hill. I know everyone in this town. That access gets me inside information.

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I have worked for and with the most powerful people in media and government in Washington. I know them. They don’t scare me. That makes me dangerous (which is surprising when you meet me in person and see I’m barely 5’2”.)

I’m a published author of the book Emily Gets Her Gun. I’ve won multiple awards for investigative journalism. My reporting has led to the laws being changed in DC and Virginia. I will fight for the Constitution, the underdog, the rights of individuals, fairness and common sense. The fight is for freedom.

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I started this Substack newsletter so I could tell you the real stories about what is happening inside DC and how it affects people around the country. Here, I do independent, investigative reporting without getting canceled, fired, protested against (see photo below) or appease a boss. I use facts and original sources in my reporting on Substack so no one can question my accuracy.

Paid subscribers get access to all my articles. You also can comment on the posts to talk to me directly. We are a community of knowledgeable conservatives who care about the direction of the country. No trolls or annoying woke keyboard commandos get in here. This is a place for serious and smart debate.

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Why Emily Posts is different

What makes my journalism unique is that I never use other media outlets in my reporting because I don’t trust them for accuracy. That’s why I show my readers exactly what original sources I used and allow you to click through and read directly.

The “links to sources” are at the end of every article. I believe it’s helpful to be totally transparent and enable readers to judge for themselves how the original information is communicated through me. The links also provide you with more in-depth reading on the issues.

My work is all funded by paid subscribers. Please know these things about me: 
  • I’ve never taken money from advertisers in my career.

  • I’ve never taken sponsorship money.

  • I’ve never sold my readers’ email addresses.

  • I’ve stayed as clean of influence as possible in order for my readers to know they can trust me.

I named this newsletter for the journalist Emily Post, who wrote iconic books on etiquette because we need a place for civilized debate on politics and culture.

I can no longer stand to be called names, get in online fights with strangers, threatened or have my heart rate go up simply because I tweeted, jumped in comments on a website or posted on Facebook.

You will find here a place of civility, respect for each other’s opinion and a calm place to read, learn and engage. People like the ones in the photo below — who protested to get me fired outside my office on a weekday — cannot rattle us.

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What do my paid subscribers say?

“I believe honesty and integrity are what guide you. I’d dare say even more than base conservatism. Your journals are true. When you can’t account for something or reason that doesn’t align, you say so. During these times where everything is someone’s opinion vs just straight fact reporting, it makes your work stand out that much more. The appeal of your work is the knowing I can trust what you say.” - Arun Sudama

“I don't know why or how but you find a way to connect with your writing that is so pure. You don't let condescension or disrespect for the reader enter your writing. There are many of your colleagues who could take lessons from you.” - Steve Fox

“Well worth it. Em is extremely hard working. Her stories are truly inside baseball, a behind the scene view of politics and much more. My favorite subscription by far 🇺🇸” -Sal LaBarbera, retired LAPD homicide detective and movie producer

“A fascinating thing about being a subscriber, the stories. Like “Easter Eyes", your time at FDA, the observations about people and learned helplessness, your recommendation of Alinsky?  Being a subscriber lends itself  to becoming well read.” - Arun Sudama

“I promised them that they will find you to be a breath of fresh air due to your honesty and no-fear reporting.” -Joe B.

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Emily Miller 
Award-winning investigative journalist and author in Washington, DC.